Vicky has been breeding show dogs, Shihtzu, and Bulldogs for over 34 years, she has exhibited her lines and has been involved in Bulldog Health and Breeding for all of that time.

She is an international Championship Judge who traveled extensively, given seminars and sold this book worldwide, she has been featured and judged in the UK USA Italy Belgium Holland, and South Africa.

She has an understanding of how the Bulldog is seen worldwide and her work within health has been recognized in the Brachycephalic Book.

Her priority and interest have always been rearing puppies safely, and she has written 4 published books on the subject.

Animals have been her life from a toddler on a dairy farm because she has bred many different species of Cows Horses Goats Poultry, and rare breeds she has much across-the-board rearing experience to draw on.

Many people in all breeds have found her latest book, Bulldog Breeding Beginners and Beyond valuable as it is written in no-nonsense everyday terms that beginners and experienced breeders alike easily understand.

After the success of her breeding book, she has produced a book that is autobiographical called Living with Bulldogs, which attempts to point out behavior and traits that bulldogs have which can be surprising to new owners and helpful to anyone who loves the breed.

Vicky has always been actively helping on her puppy-rearing support group on Facebook and many people have had her advice over the years .

Watch out for her Puppy Rearing Seminars which she periodically does online or for Breed Clubs. She has been interviewed and given talks on Breed Health in other countries including India

Vicky has been involved actively as Chairman of Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust and founded Bulldog Day UK held annually in Newark for 17 years.