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Vicky Introducing Her Best Selling Advice and Information Book For Bulldogs

International Championship Show Appointments

Vicky Colllins Nattrass

Bulldog Breed specialist

Vicky Colllins Nattrass is a Bulldog Breed specialist judge from the U.K.

Vicky’s passion for bulldogs started as a child on her parent’s Dairy Farm and became her own reality in 1992. Not only an exhibitor, she is well known for her work with the breeds health team now in her 17th year.

Specialising in breeding she has published three books on the subject of Bulldog Breeding with the aim of saving puppies.Chairman of Bulldog Rescue, welfare is very important to her. Bulldog Day UK is her invention bringing our breed education to everyone

Her judging career started in 1990 in Shih-Tzus and 1993 in Bulldogs this has been a steady learning experience. As well as her UK appointments Vicky .has judged twice in the USA Bulldog of the Year in Italy, Family Day in Holland given a seminar in the USA on raising puppies, and in Greece to explain the UK Kennel Club’s standard changes.

Recently she had a huge entry judging the breed at the Birmingham and Midlands Counties Bulldog Club.A frequent visitor to the Bulldog Club of America’s Nationals Judged in October 2017 at the Iliana Bulldog Club.

When Vicky and John got married it was also the merging of two great Bulldoggers, KEZIA and BONIFACIO

Willow qualifying for Crufts

Madonbulls Jack Flash winning the Silver Puppy Competition

Happy times with my USA Golden Girl Bulldoggers !

Kezia’s Galahad [George] at puppy competion